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Yes! Welcome to Georgia O'Keeffe Country, however this website is fast becoming a valuable information tool for people vacationing to New Mexico, who are about to move here, are considering a move here, trail riders, backpackers, cyclists, fly fishermen and artists alike.

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2015 Updates-

I was dedicated in having a comprehensive & rich site update, and by January 1st, 2015! With the exception of some Art Scene stuff and some 2015 Event Dates are the major updates. Scroll down to Navigational Links, however, for the complete list of updates and new pages:


        Fred Maas Hike/Climbs      Dominique Samyn/Mustangs    Christ in the  Desert            Doug Scotts Slots


             Route 66                                      Valles Caldera National Preserve                   Art Retreats & Workshops


Mesa Dogs                                                  Dining


Maps EVERYWHERE!                                                Native Arts           

Kitchen Mesa-Ghost Ranch

Scroll down to view Navigational Links for complete list of updates and new pages

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From our mesa here in North Central, New can see that we have done a lot..explored and experienced!

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Painting By Featured Artist MJAckley "Sunset Behind Fall Tree II"

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