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has us once again traveling "The Road Different" featuring the trail Reports of Fred Mass, retired school teacher from "The City Different"

Doug Scott is back with more Waterfalls trail reports and we're featuring his Slot Canyons this year!

These guys further demonstrating that within 60 miles of our mesa is backpacking heaven!

Here in 2014, we decided to feature a real back country type of guy who's day-time job is an artist!

In fact..over and above being a heralded painter and sculpter, he is also a 2014 Featured Artist on our site. His name is Doug Scott. Once again..his day-time job is being a very renowned artist, but his passion is backpacking into where ever in New Mexico to photograph and study and be with a and obsess over......WATERFALLS!  Yes..those of you who are not NM familiar..we have LOTS of waterfalls!

One day, I'm minding my own business on our mesa..and a guy writes after seeing an action video on the site..where a waterfall appeared! Well..he HAD to know about this waterfall. I promised to research it..but forgot and a few days later..Doug called back.  'You don't understand..I have to know about that waterfall'!

He's been known to backpack in over 25 miles just on the hunch or hearsay of a waterfall, before backpacking out. Here is a very small sampling of his waterfall excursions:

Doug Scotts Waterfalls--> All New Pages

Hey...have a look at Dougs ARTWORK!!!

THE Choice For Post 2007 Listings

Los Alamos is more than a fascinating town, obviously!

But..many times, what makes Los Alamos famous also masks certain very important details of the town like that it is a hiking mecca, with astounding landscape, wildlife and all just a stones throw from the Starbucks on Central! Meaning at Starbucks..then within just minutes, be way out in the wilderness!

This 2012 ..I wish to focus our attention on hiking as many of the hikes on

50 Hikes in the Los Alamos Area we possibly can!

The rare ones that are paved and due to time constraints, we may choose to bike! 

Astoundingly, the creators of the most revised editions of this publication, for the Los Alamos Chamber: Dorothy Hoard (1993 Los Alamos Outdoors) and Craig Martin (2006 Los Alamos Trails) ..have sent the revised post Las Conchas Fire version to alert us of fire damaged trails.
Download 50 Hikes in Los Alamos 2012.doc


Download 50 Hikes in Los Alamos 2012.pdf

Would you be interested to live here on the edge of this raw wilderness?  Click Here

Garmin Route for NewMexicoOutdoor to Christ in the Desert Monastery Section Hike Spring 2010 (Video Above-Mute Woodsy Sounds Below)

Continental Divide Excursions-

Join us for one in June (Coyote to Cuba) and one in Spring 010 (Coyote to Christ in the Desert Monestary) for the backpacking time of your life on the still wild and raw New Mexico Continental Divide Trail. These are week long treks where you'll want backpacking experience and overnighting experience (camping).  Click The Above Link For More Info

Also: Continental Divide Tracks Download for New Mexico; Up and Coming June Section Hike AND the Entire Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada very soon!!

  Watch the video From The First Excursion:

Most of The Day Hikes Below Are ONSITE or within 10 miles of NewMexicoOutdoor:

The Lake Hike =ONSITE With Garmin Route for Download

Rincon del Cuervo =ONSITE with Garmin Route to Rincon Peak

Ruins =ONSITE and Within 10 Miles

Ojo Caliente Hike =Onsite beginning here at NMO to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

NMO to El Rito =ONSITE (Spring 2010)

Copper Canyon =Within 10 Miles

Vista del La Sotella =Within 5 miles

Window Rock =Within 5 miles (Updated With Garmin Route)

Sierra Negra =Within 5 Miles

Spring Bosque Hike =Within 5 Miles

Ghost Ranch-Box Canyon =25 Miles

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument =50 Miles

Heron-El Vado Lakes =50 Miles

Cerro Pedernal =Within 50 miles (Updated with Directions & Garmin Route)

Mica Mine Peak =Within 20 Miles at Ojo Caliente

Rim Vista Trail =Within 20 Miles (With Garmin Tracks for Download)

The White Place =Within 5 Miles

Wheeler Peak =65 Miles To Trailhead..but NM's Highest Peak with Garmin Route for Download

Capilla Peak =125 Miles To Campground in the Manzano Mountains South of Albuquerque (trails)

Most of these make excellent excursions with camping as well as GREAT Trail Riding Adventures!

Wanna Live in this Amazing Backpacking Paradise?













Excursion Trailhead

N36 42.649 W105 35.541


Red River

Red River

Excursion Waypoint/Day Hike

N36 42.484 W105 24.500


Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley


N36 35.068 W105 27.136


Eagle Nest

Eagle Nest

Excursion Waypoint/Day Hike

N36 33.256 W105 15.848




Day Hike/Trail End

N36 24.521 W105 34.552


Taos Junction

Taos Junction

Excursion Waypoint/ Day Hike

N36 21.720 W105 53.833




Excursion Waypoint/Day Hike

N36 20.319 W105 57.047




Day Hike

N36 56.492 W105 27.301


Ute Mountain (10093 ft)

Ute Mountain (10093 ft)

Day Hike

N36 56.245 W105 41.061

10093 ft


ABIQUIU RES CAMPGROUND-N36 14.922 W106 25.793

Trailhead/Excursion Waypoint

N36 14.922 W106 25.793



Angel Fire-N36 23.615 W105 17.084

Excursion Waypoint/Day Hike

N36 23.615 W105 17.084



Aspen Peak (11109 ft)-N35 48.143 W105 48.457

Day Hike/Trail End

N35 48.143 W105 48.457

11109 ft


Bandelier National Monument Historical Marker-N35 47.304 W106 18.068

Day Hike/Trailhead

N35 47.304 W106 18.068



Black Mesa (6865 ft)-N36 08.866 W106 04.421

Day Hike Turnaround

N36 08.866 W106 04.421

6865 ft


BridgeOverRioGrandeGorge-N36 28.590 W105 43.823

Excursion Waypoint/Day Hike

N36 28.590 W105 43.823


Ccc Camp

Ccc Camp-N36 17.734 W106 26.617

Excursion Waypoint

N36 17.734 W106 26.617



Cerrillos Historical Marker-Ghost Town-N35 26.251 W106 07.501

Day Hike/Excursion Waypoint

N35 26.251 W106 07.501



Chama-N36 54.185 W106 34.764

Day Hike

N36 54.185 W106 34.764



Crest Trail-N35 11.069 W106 25.036

User Waypoint

N35 11.069 W106 25.036


Echo Campground

Echo Campground-N36 21.617 W106 31.669

Day Hike/Excursion Destination

N36 21.617 W106 31.669



Cerro Pedernal (9862 ft)-N36 09.788 W106 30.217

Day Hike/Excursion Destination

N36 09.788 W106 30.217

9862 ft


Espanola-N35 59.473 W106 04.874

User Waypoint

N35 59.473 W106 04.874


Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch-N36 19.500 W106 30.299

Day Hike/Excursion Destination

N36 19.500 W106 30.299



Golden-N35 16.018 W106 12.831

User Waypoint

N35 16.018 W106 12.831


New Mexico Outdoor Adventures

HOME-N36 12.422 W106 11.722

Trailhead/Turnaround Destination

N36 12.422 W106 11.722



Jemez Springs-N35 46.124 W106 41.541

Day Hike/Excursion Trailhead

N35 46.124 W106 41.541



Los Alamos-N35 52.778 W106 16.142

Day Hike/Excursion Trailhead

N35 52.778 W106 16.142



Madrid-halfway-Fixed Up Ghost Town-N35 24.402 W106 09.149

Excursion Waypoint/Day Hike

N35 24.402 W106 09.149



Ojo Caliente-N36 18.177 W106 02.794

Excursion Waypoint/Excursion Destination/Day Hike

N36 17.836 W106 03.499


San Antonio

San Antonio-N35 09.787 W106 20.849

Excursion Waypoint

N35 06.120 W106 22.667



Sandia Crest-N35 12.537 W106 26.869

Day Hike/Excursion Destination

N35 12.537 W106 26.869


Sandia Park

Sandia Park-N35 10.070 W106 21.936

Excursion Waypoint/Excursion Trailhead

N35 10.070 W106 21.936


Santa Fe Plaza

The Santa Fe Plaza National Historic Landmark

Excursion Destination/Dayhike

N35 41.253 W105 56.284



Sierra Negra (8052 ft)-N36 15.803 W106 14.932

Day Hike/Excursion Turnaround

N36 15.803 W106 14.932

8052 ft

Tall Tower

Kggm-Tv (Albuquerque)-TOWER-N35 12.671 W106 26.983

User Waypoint

N35 12.671 W106 26.983



Tent Rocks-N35 39.836 W106 24.866

Day Hike

N35 39.836 W106 24.866



Thompson Peak Trail-N35 39.970 W105 49.847

Day Hike

N35 39.970 W105 49.847



Tijeras-Start Turquois Trail Hike-N35 04.853 W106 23.285

Excursion Trailhead

N35 04.853 W106 23.285



Truchas-N36 02.604 W105 48.724

Day Hike/Excursion Trailhead

N36 02.604 W105 48.724



Truchas Peak (13102 ft)-N35 57.742 W105 38.672

Excursion Destination

N35 57.742 W105 38.672

13102 ft

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Local Hikes and Backpacking Excursions


To Open Santa Fe National Forest Trails
Most of these are NOT repeated from above

SF-Nat Forest Controlled Burn Above La Sotella

-With the Sun (Sunniest State in the Lower 48); the Dry-ness (Dry-est State in the US); Elevation (It's the Rocky Mountains Maan!); and Weather Variations ..please be prepared!

How Are You Geared Up For This Northern New Mexico Environment?

   So..Also See:




To Open Carson National Forest Trails
Also..most are NOT repeated from our Hikes Above!

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Painting By Featured Artist MJAckley "Sunset Behind Fall Tree II"
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