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2016 Update-

Amateur geology any other name, and as we've witnessed dozens and dozens of hikers, backpackers and walkers here on our mesa, Vista de Pedernal..bend over to pick up a rock to keep! We have quite an interesting collection, as our mesa is covered in the ancient rocks spewn by both of the Valles Caldera eruptions..millions of years ago!

Here in New Mexico, the home to ..possibly the world's only actual park dedicated to the hobby of Rockhounding ..Rockhound State Park outside of Deming in the South of the State off US10.

Indeed, New Mexico is a true mecca for amateur geologists and real geologists alike! Our Featured Photographer 2010 & 2011 ..Kirt Kempter is the State Geologist ..and his specialty is here in North Central; The Piedre Lumbre, but has explored the State North, South, East & West as a vocation!

Remember that while hiking need to gear up properly considering elevation, dryness and seasonal changes.

Furthermore ..we're privileged to have, as sponsor, Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop ..located just outside of Rockhound State Park. They have one of the unique and largest collections in the Southwest.

Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop is a family owned rock shop specializing in agates from the surrounding area. This area clearly has one of the most rewarding and diverse assemblages of collectible rocks, minerals and gemstones found anywhere in North America.

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Painting By Featured Artist MJAckley "Sunset Behind Fall Tree II"


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